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What is ITI Electrician ?

As you know, ITI means Industrial Training Institute, so, under this, you are made skilled in many fields.

Out of this, ITI Electrician is a branch Under this; you are given Practical and Theoretical Knowledge of Electrical Field.

Often people understand that the knowledge given to you in the electrician course, which is inside ITI, makes you an electrician to become a technician for wiring in different fields or doing installation related work. Which is not true-

Yes, indeed, many children who take ITI electrician course work in the role of an electrician, but they can work in other vital parts also.

Under the ITI Electrician, you are given all the basic knowledge of electrical, which enable you to work in the electrical field in different roles such as- electrician, Electrical machine operator, wireman, and others.

Or in other words, we can say that- During this two-year course in electrician trade, students are given a good knowledge of professional skills, professional education, engineering drawing, employability skills.

Along with this, there are a lot of exceptional workshops and extra-curricular activities for the confidence build-up of students.

What students learn during the ITI electrician course-

The course starts with basic safety practices. Further, you will be taught the following topics-

Basic Electricity

Effect of electric current

Wiring systems


Electrical machines

Transmission and Distribution.

and others, all the subjects will have practical and theory parts. detailed syllabus of this course is given below-

Who should join the ITI electrician course-

Students whose interest is in the electrical field or interested in working on electrical equipment can join this course.

Those who want a high professional degree by paying low fees in a short time, so that they can get an excellent job in both the private sector and government sector, then they should also do this course.

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